Friday, October 13, 2017


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We live in a world where it’s ok for a man to marry a CHILD
We live in a world where this CHILD loses her right to education to satisfy the sexual desires of a psychopath she now calls a husband
We live in a world where this CHILD is then forced to bear a CHILD for her ‘husband’
We live in a world where this CHILD is then tossed aside, and made to live like a wild animal due to the repercussions of early childbirth
We live in a world where the GIRL CHILD is treated like she is less than human, and then grows up to only continue the fight to be treated like a human.

It hurts to see that after all these years and all the advancements in technology, the Girl child still faces the primitive issues she has struggled with from day one.

Today I raise my voice LOUDER, as I speak up for the rights of the Girl Child.

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