Friday, March 6, 2020

EP 69 - Stealing or Reaping From Africa

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I used to be one of those people who would complain about foreigners coming to Africa to steal our resources and rip us off, but I watched a documentary recently that really shocked me and got me thinking. Are they stealing our resources, or are some greedy leaders selling our continent to them and embezzling the money, while the masses continue to suffer. 

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  1. Our leaders and govts are really letting us down. Google Galamsey and you will be shocked at what comes up. The Chinese are involved in illegal small scale mining known as Galamsay. This has destroyed water resources and bodies which are sources of drinking water for many rural communities. The forestry has not been spared either. There is even the case of a Galamsey Queen called Aisha Huang who was convicted and deported yet managed to sneak into the country. Who enabled them? There are many distressing videos on YouTube and you fact check from there as well as Google.

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