Friday, May 15, 2020

EP 73 - African Children In The Lockdown (Part 2)

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In the last episode, I raised my concerns about the less privileged children in Africa, and how they can’t get an education due to the Coronavirus lockdown. These children do not have internet access, so how do we expect them to be able to participate in online learning?

Here in the USA, most families have internet access and laptops. Several states have also decided to dedicate certain hours during the day to teach children via television. Is this something we can do as well in Africa? 

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  1. A lot is being done now. Teach for Nigeria is partnering with their Fellows all over Nigeria to share Worksheets of all sorts to children who live remotely.

  2. Quite sad. I knew of the cloth usage and tissue paper but news papers and having to seat on a bucket to wait for their stuff to dry off really breaks my heart. Thanks for this exposé that is an eye opener to be of help to those in the villages in need of such help.