Friday, December 11, 2020

EP 80 - The Stiwanist

In This Episode: 

STIWANISM addresses the conditions and needs of the continental African woman on the African continent.

I am passionate about advocating for the modern African woman who is strong, smart, and resilient to wake up to the options she has. She should no longer be satisfied with the options created for her even before she was born.

I believe that we should pay more attention to the African woman's experiences and the need to redefine who we truly are and our positions in society.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  1. Stiwanist: 
  2. Domestic Violence: 
  3. Early Child Marriage: 
  4. Stella Damasus Aljazeera Interview: 
  5. Omolara Ogundipe Leslie: 
  6. Queen Amina: 
  7. The Stiwanist: 




Stella Damasus Blog:

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